Antique Talish Runnerrug no. 8965


Highly decorative Caucasian Talish small runner with an open field blue ground color. Talish rugs from the Caucasus region are known for their fine soft wool and even thin to medium pile. Typically Talish rugs feature a long narrow field of monochrome blue or teal and lack decoration save for a notched border of contrasting color. Other designs include the use of four flowers between a circular floral form, plain solid field (like this example) and allover patterns. These antique rugs are generally from 3' x 5' up to 15 ft in runner formats.

rug no. 8965
size 3' x 6' (91 x 183 cm)
rug type Talish
size / category Runner,Small

Antique Talish Runner

rug no. j1357

3' 9" X 9' 3"

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Antique Talish Rug

rug no. 8548

3' 9" X 4' 10"

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Worn Deco Runner

rug no. r4487

1' 11" X 5' 10"

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Vibrant Deco Runner

rug no. r4495

1' 9" X 5' 7"

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