About Us

Rugs R Us is a third generation family-owned company with a passion for antique and vintage decorative carpets. One of New York City's most respected sources of antique and vintage one of a kind decorative carpets from all over the world. They carry carpets in all sizes, including oversizes, runners ,small mats and odd shaped rugs. Founded by Joseph Zabihi and his son Daniel in 1978, Rugs R Us built its reputation on an unsurpassed knowledge of antique carpets and the rich cultural histories of the regions they come from. We have photos available of our entire inventory which can either be mailed or e-mailed upon request. Our clientele mostly consists of dealers of antique carpets, private homeowners,collectors, interior designers/decorators.

We always look forward to meeting clients and trying to fulfill any of your needs as quickly as possible. For any new clients, we will offer rugs on short term approval. If you are part of the trade, we offer 20% off our list price. We are always interested in buying anything you might want to sell too. We have a restoration department and every rug is cleaned and restored to the best of our ability. We also offer rental rug services too. Please inquire for pricing and more info.

Overview of Antique Rugs

Antique carpets have a history of more than 2,500 years. This art form carries a sense of tradition from a country which has a very rich and powerful history. The skill and thought dedicated to each of these carpets adds a unique character to each piece.

To trace the history of Antique carpets is to follow a path of cultural growth in one of the greatest civilizations the world has ever known. The element of luxury with which an Oriental carpet is associated today provides a marked contrast with its humble beginning among the nomadic tribes. Then it was an article of necessity to protect the tribes from the bitterly cold winters of the country.

Although cotton was used for the warp and weft of the carpet, wool became the basic weaving material for carpets. This material, as well as silk, are still used today to weave authentic Persian carpets. A key feature in making the carpets is the bright colors used to form the intricate designs and patterns.